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Success Stories

Family Law

After a very bitter and contentious break-up, an unmarried couple was engaged in an intense battle in court over how to divide the home that they had purchased and resided in for nearly twenty years. After several years of contested litigation and very involved motion practice, we successfully resolved all disputes and delivered a very favorable settlement for our client.


Successfully obtained a NY Supreme Court Order temporarily restraining and preventing the NYC Dept of Buildings (NYC DOB) from performing an emergency scheduled demolition of property. Despite two appeals by the NYC DOB, Temporary Restraining Order successfully retained.


Successfully recovered Landlord’s apartment from Tenant in an eviction proceeding after a contested bench trial.

Medical Malpractice

We represented a victim of medical malpractice who had sustained serious injuries as a result of a faulty medical procedure. We brought a claim against the doctor and successfully negotiated a favorable settlement which fully compensated the victim for his injuries.


We brought a claim against a large fitness club on behalf of a member who had been seriously injured while using a faulty exercise machine. We successfully negotiated a favorable settlement which fully compensated the club member for his medical injuries and lost wages.


Represented co-op board in dispute involving Division of Human Rights over housing a therapeutic animal in building. Successfully settled claim out of court without any penalty.

Chapter 13/Foreclosure/Eviction

Filed Chapter 13 on behalf of property owner who was 18 months behind on her mortgage. Forestalled foreclosure, expedited eviction of extortionist tenant and facilitated the sale of the property, enabling the owner to cash out her equity.

Misuse of Bankruptcy Code

Represented creditor in bankruptcy filing. Successfully proved misuse of code on part of debtor.


Represented the owner of a foreclosed property. Negotiated the repurchase from the bank’s REO department, returning the property to the owner.


Represented one party in a divorce action after 28 years of marriage. Obtained maximum equitable division of six investment properties and several pension plans.


Represented widow in filing probate for an estate with deceased having relatives throughout the United States and Europe. Successfully located and contacted all parties to expedite the inheritance.

Partnership Dispute

Represented defendant in defamation proceedings initiated in an attempt to strip him of partnership interest. Succeeded in having suit dismissed.


Represented owner of investment property subject to DOB violations for nonconformity with certificate of occupancy. Negotiated to rescind a stop order, approve new plans and issue permits for the conversion of a factory and dwelling to a factory and store.


Represented daughter of infirm elderly parent requiring social services. Initiated Article 81 motion to the Court for the appointment of guardians for personal needs and property management.

Unfreezing Bank Accounts

Represented debtor with frozen bank account. Successfully petitioned court to set aside judgment and return access to the account.


Represented immigrant from Bangladesh, member of opposition party and fearful for his life, seeking political asylum Successfully obtained green card for him and his family

Surplus Resulting From Foreclosure

Represented executor of estate seeking money held on behalf of estate from a foreclosure surplus. Successfully recovered money.

Business Mediation

Represented local business owners in partnership dispute. Negotiated buy-out of dissatisfied partners.


Provided the following finance: inventory finance, receivable finance, private bridge mortgages on residential and commercial property, cash purchasers of real estate

Fraudulent Transfer of Property

Represented home owner who was the victim of a fraudulent transfer of his property. Successfully restored proper title to homeowner.

Medical Malpractice

Represented victim of medical malpractice in case against doctor who performed a faulty surgical procedure. Successfully negotiated substantial settlement for client.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Represented driver who was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a U.S. postal truck. Successfully settled claim against U.S. Postal Office for driver’s damages.

Personal Injury

Represented resident of drug rehab program who was attacked by fellow resident. Successfully obtained damages for negligence and injury.

Slip and Fall

Represented subway commuter who slipped and fell in subway station. Successfully negotiated settlement of his claims against the MTA for medical damages and pain and suffering.

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