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Success Stories

Bankruptcy – Chapter 13:

Filed Chapter 13 on behalf of a property owner who was 18 months behind on her mortgage. Forestalled foreclosure, expedited eviction of extortionist tenant and facilitated the sale of the property, enabling the owner to cash out her equity.

Emergency Declaration/Demolition:

Successfully obtained a NY Supreme Court Order temporarily restraining and preventing the NYC Dept of Buildings (NYC DOB) from performing an emergency scheduled demolition of property. Despite two appeals by the NYC DOB, Temporary Restraining Order successfully retained.

Property Partition/Division:

After a very bitter and contentious break-up, an unmarried couple was engaged in an intense battle in court over how to divide the home that they had purchased and resided in for nearly twenty years. After several years of contested litigation and very involved motion practice, we successfully resolved all disputes and delivered a very favorable settlement for our client.


Represented widow in filing probate for an estate with deceased having many relatives throughout the United States and Europe. Successfully located and contacted all parties to expedite the inheritance and widow’s inheritance made safe.

Fraudulent Transfer of Property:

Represented homeowner who was the victim of a fraudulent transfer of his property. Successfully restored proper title to homeowner. Party who initiated the fraud left the country and the motion against the conspirator succeeded.

Moving Company Negligence:

Successfully obtained judgment against moving company who damaged our client’s personal property during the course of a move to a new residence (Lynch)

Probate of an International Will:

Successfully had a Will which was prepared and executed in Spain pursuant to Spanish law admitted to probate in a New York State Surrogate’s Court (Perez)

Lead Poisoning:

Entered into a favorable settlement agreement with the landlord of a property where two children ingested lead