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Skillful Handling Of Real Estate Partition Issues

There are many reasons for why you may wish for a real estate partition to take place. You and the co-owner of the property may no longer have the same interests in mind concerning the property. The dissolution of a business connected with the property may make a partition necessary. There may have been damage to property on the lot in question impacting the value of the property. Improvements made to the property may also impact property values. Whatever the reason for the partition, you will with to have on your side a real estate partition lawyer with the experience and knowledge to help the partition go smoothly.

The Law Office of Schachter, P.C., regularly provides real estate services to banks, buyers and sellers. Abogado David B. Schachter has been providing such services for residents of Queens and throughout New York City for over 30 years. This includes handling of both residential and commercial real estate transactions. We understand how to resolve disputes between co-owners and other parties. We can also negotiate for the best possible financial deal for you should you wish to sell your real estate share. When necessary, we can represent your interests in court, arbitration and mediation.

What Is A Real Estate Partition Lawsuit?

Partition lawsuits are matters to divide up the real estate. Partition matters can be voluntary or involuntary. Real estate partition matters can also be extremely complex. These often come about because co-owners of the property disagree on how to divide the property themselves.

Parties to the lawsuit can include joint tenants and tenants in common. The lawsuit may occur due to other actions such as divorce or corporate dissolution. It may also come about due to a probate matter where different members of a family inherit the same piece of property. The handling of expenses can also become a matter of dispute. Considerations must be made regarding property expenses and paying for insurance.

During partition actions, we will represent your listen to your concerns and do what is necessary to protect your interests. Due to our experience in handling such matters, we can settle partition matters without the need for a lawsuit. This can result in cost savings for you. However, when necessary, we are always ready to try your matter in court in a partition action.

Understanding Every Aspect Of The Real Estate Partition Process

Should you need the assistance of an attorney who understands every aspect of real estate law including buying and purchasing of property, real estate closings and New York law pertaining to partitions, please contact The Law Office of Schachter, P.C., in Jackson Heights, by calling 888-337-2679.