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Queens Co-op And Condo Building Management Representation

Representing Co-op And Condo Boards In New York

Many issues arise in the management of a multi-family building. Residents squabble. Improvements are needed. Vacancies must be filled. Whether you need to interpret or enforce association bylaws, it is important to consult an experienced attorney who understands both people and real estate.

At the Law Office of Schachter, P.C., located in Jackson Heights, we provide a wide range of services to cooperative or condominium building managers and boards. Queens co-op and condo building management abogado David B. Schachter has more than 30 years of diverse real estate experience-providing a significant advantage to our co-op and condo clients.

Providing Comprehensive Co-op/Condo Representation

We provide co-op and condo managers and boards with general legal counsel, transactional and contract services and dispute resolution, arbitration and courtroom representation. Our services include:

  • Drafting and reviewing co-op or condo association bylaws and management documents: For example, if building management needs to change the bylaws, we can advise you on what current bylaws say, what steps are required to change them and how much notice must be given to members.
  • Covenant enforcement: We have effectively handled situations in which a friend or relative staying in a co-op building has been met with disapproval by either co-op management, members of the co-op or both.
  • Fee collection: If a resident neglects to pay management fees, our firm can be retained to collect monies owed.
  • Construction-and-renovation contracts and construction dispute resolution: We assist the board in finding an architect, hiring and negotiating with contractors and obtaining financing to carry out condo and co-op renovations.

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