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Representing Buyers, Sellers, And Banks In New York Real Estate Closings

Whether you are the buyer, the seller, or the bank, the lawyer you consult to handle a residential real estate closing should have in-depth knowledge of both New York real estate law and the mortgage industry, including CEMAs (a loan document that enables the saving of mortgage tax on a refinance.)

At the Law Office of Schachter, P.C., located in Jackson Heights, we represent buyers, sellers, banks and other parties in residential real estate closings throughout New York City. Queens bank and residential real estate closings abogado David B. Schachter has more than 30 years of experience in facilitating clients’ real estate transactions.

Providing Efficient And Effective Service

Providing seasoned assistance in residential real estate transactions means:

  • As attorney for the seller, ensuring that the buyer has sufficient funds to close and to handle mortgage payments
  • As attorney for the buyer, ensuring that the seller can deliver good title
  • As attorney for the bank, ensuring that the bank is protected in advancing funds by way of mortgage security
  • In the case of refis, keeping closing costs to a minimum by closing CEMAs-a New York phenomenon that involves the consolidation of mortgages and saves a buyer/borrower on NYC and NYS taxes

The Law Office of Schachter, P.C., can schedule and represent banks at all last-minute closings. Mr. Schachter currently handles mortgage closings for over 30 area banks.

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