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  • Regaining surpluses after foreclosure: If your property has been foreclosed on and sold off for more than you owed on the loan, we may be able to help you regain the surplus.
  • Foreclosure defense: If your lender is threatening foreclosure, there are numerous tools at your disposal to keep you in your home.

On June 14, 2019, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (TPA), “giving New Yorkers the strongest tenant protections in history.” Tenants benefit from changes in rent regulations, including:

  • Permanent establishment of rent control
  • Repeal of vacancy and income decontrol
  • Caps on rent increases
  • Expanded leasing and eviction protection

But what about landlords?

Under the TPA, landlords face rising building costs with no way to raise rents or deregulate to meet expenses. The new regulations deprive landlords of control of their property.

Landlords can take action. There is precedent for going directly to federal court to challenge the TPA. There are grounds for claiming that the TPA violates landlords’ constitutional rights by taking private property for public use without just compensation (Takings Clause of Fifth Amendment).

Real estate pundits predict that the laws will be overturned.

For more information about challenging the TPA, contact the Law Office of Schachter, PC.

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