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Helping You Prepare A Legally Valid Will

While we wish to make our determinations clear on how distribution of our estate will take place after we die, we may still fail to create the proper documentation to make our intentions clear. When failing to create a valid will, it may be necessary for the court to step in and make the determinations for us. This can result in disputes, costly litigation and waste of time. It may mean your intended beneficiaries will not gain access to your estate. A well-drafted will can prevent disputes from arising later on.

The Law Office of Schachter, P.C., will carefully prepare your will to ensure carrying out of your wishes. You will be working directly with a lawyer who has over 30 years of probate experience and who thoroughly understands the New York probate process. We will pay close attention to your concerns and review or draft your will in compliance with the law and in the manner that you wish.

The Important Functions A Will Can Play

Beyond distribution of your estate, a will can play the role in providing care for young or disabled children who may be unable to care for themselves. You can include provisions concerning care for such children. A will allows for you to appoint a personal representative. It also allows for you to create a testamentary trust that will provide spendthrift clauses controlling the manner in which money you bequeath is spent. A will can also prove useful if you wish to leave part of your estate to a charitable organization or cause.

Abogado David B. Schachter will provide guidance concerning your will and also advise you regarding other estate documentation you may wish to prepare. As your personal circumstances are unique, he will prepare a will that best meets your particular needs. Due to his probate experience, he understands the mistakes that individuals make in drafting wills that may lead to litigation. This in turn allows for him to create the sort of will and provide the kind of advice that will prevent future disputes from arising.

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