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Immigration Attorney In Jackson Heights

The immigration process can be difficult and confusing. At the Law Office of Schachter, P.C., we can answer your questions, help you with paperwork and guide you through the immigration process.

Staff Members Speak Spanish, Bengali, Hindi And Hebrew

At our Jackson Heights firm, we have helped immigrants from more than 35 different countries. Our immigration professionals speak Hindi, Bengali, Hebrew and Spanish. If necessary, we will find an interpreter so we can help you.

With more than 30 years’ experience, abogado David B. Schachter has handled a variety of immigration issues and documents for individuals, families and businesses including:

  • Visas for workers: We help businesses as well as individuals obtain visas, including H1-B visas for specialized professions and P-1 visas for entertainers, artists and athletes.
  • Green cards and adjustment of status: We can help you complete the necessary paperwork to obtain a green card, including an I-485 application to change your status from temporary to permanent resident.
  • I-130 petitions: We help unite families by filing I-130 petitions to bring relatives to the United States.
  • Removal proceedings/deportation: Our firm protects the rights of noncitizens and those who wish to remain in this country. We can represent you or a loved one in a removal proceeding and work to prevent deportation.
  • Asylum: If you fear persecution in your country of birth due to your race, religion, nationality or political affiliation, we can help you seek asylum so you can stay in the United States.
  • Work permits for young illegal immigrants: Under the Obama administration, young illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria are eligible to receive a two-year work permit that may be renewed. We can help you determine if you or your child is eligible and help you file.

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For advice about immigration in New York City for yourself, an employee or a family member, speak with abogado David B. Schachter. For a free initial consultation for most matters, call 888-337-2679 or contact our law firm by e-mail.