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Protecting Parents’ Rights In Child Custody And Visitation Disputes

Going through a child custody dispute can be extremely stressful and emotional. You may feel anger and distrust toward your children’s other parent, and you may be concerned about how new custody and visitation arrangements will affect your relationships with your children.

You need a lawyer who will give you honest and practical advice on your options while diligently protecting your parental rights. For the representation you deserve, you can rely on David B. Schachter, a Queens custody attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience.

Providing Personal Attention Focused On Your Specific Situation

Under New York law, every child custody and visitation case is supposed to be decided based on the best interests of the child. Each case is unique; in some cases, it may be best for one parent to have sole custody, while in other cases, shared custody may be more appropriate.

Our firm can help you protect your rights as a parent by showing the family court why your preferred custody and visitation arrangement is in your children’s best interests.

If necessary, we are fully prepared to aggressively litigate your case in court in order to get the results you deserve. However, we are also prepared to diligently protect your interests in informal negotiations or in a formal alternative dispute resolution setting such as mediation.

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