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  • He made a minor mistake on an unemployment form. Then the state demanded $14,990.

    State unemployment agencies are discovering errors in payments affecting hundreds of thousands of jobless Americans. Even when the agencies made the original error, they’re taking aggressive steps to get the money back.

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  • Here are the changing trends in the real estate market during the pandemic

    Big cities across the country are seeing a rise in listings as people move to the suburbs. According real estate company Compass, search traffic has more than doubled with searches for outdoor spaces and pools up substantially since March. Robert Reffkin, CEO and founder of Compass, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss.

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  • IRS expands criteria to withdraw money from retirement plans for those affected by coronavirus

    According to the IRS, more Americans are eligible to take money out of their retirement plans in the event they or their spouse is affected by COVID-19.

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  • The pandemic changed what home buyers want. Get ready for “mother of all bidding-war seasons.”

    The pandemic has changed what home buyers want. Look for his and her Zoom rooms for videoconference meetings…


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  • Here’s How The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Would Help Homeowners

    The $2 trillion economic stimulus bill passed unanimously by the Senate late Wednesday…


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  • $1,200-a-head checks will be deposited in three weeks says Steve Mnuchin – as long as Senate ends wrangling and Congress rushes through bailout law

    “Get rid of it right now”, an inspector barked when he saw a dangerous power tool…

    Daily Mail

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