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Handling co-op or condo management issues

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2016 | Condominiums & Cooperatives |

Co-operative and condominium building managers and board members have a difficult, albeit rewarding, job: keeping the residents of their building happy.

Co-op and condo buildings are, by definition, communal. In both co-ops and condos, residents share space; in condos residents actually own the space they occupy. As such, enforcing bylaws and upholding policies that the whole co-op or condo has agreed to is crucial. Successfully navigating disputes may be tricky.

There are many areas of potential dispute. These include collecting fees, covenant enforcement, and construction or renovation.

If, despite a fair approach, you are unable to resolve disputes, it’s time to consult an attorney. Call on the Law Office of Schachter, P.C., for guidance. We have extensive experience helping people manage co-operatives and condominiums.